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The worlds largest short film festival!


We had the pleasure of collaborating with Red Bull Media House for this years Tropfest festival package.

Right from the start we knew: it had to be play and colorful! So we went all out and spared no expenses in the quirky animation department. Throw in some nice wooden bits, white glossy items, some sun-drenched lighting and voila!
See it in action right HERE: https://www.redbull.tv/

COLORS, wood and shiny things!


Das BESTE Team der Welt:


Client: Tropfest / RedBull Media House

Producer RB Media House: Theresa Honzak

Art Direction: Sergio Martinez de la Varga

Design: UberEck

Animation: UberEck


Made in Germany.

Uber Eck 2017.

Uber Eck GbR. Westendstrasse 142 80339 München