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To infinity...and beyond!

Video Mapping

The team at "Science Fiction Festival Munich" asked us to create an art installation for this years festival.
We called our good friends over at MotoMoto and Moovid  for help and together, we created this thrillride of a light show.



We used a mix of projection/video mapping, 5.1 surround audio and 40.000 lumen of projectorpower to bring everyhting to life.


the BEST team ever:


Client: Science Fiction Festival Munich

Installation, Setup, Animation:

motomoto www.motomo.to

Janosch Kartschall www.moovid.de

Uber Eck


Music & Audiodesign: www.reddawn.audio







Made in Germany.

Uber Eck 2016.

Uber Eck GbR. Westendstrasse 142 80339 München